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if it ain’t dutch, it ain’t much. have been a fan of Robin van Persie for many years and will never change until i lose my love for football. For better for worse.
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♛ Happy 31th Birthday to our amazing, wonderful, incredible and warrior Robin van Persie. We love you, you deserve everything! 

Asker greychan-7 Asks:
Hello,where are you from?
boboxies boboxies Said:

hello! I am Chinese but living in Japan.

Happy Birthday Robin!

I’ve played in five tournaments and the togetherness of the squad has never been as great as it has been at this World Cup. It’s something I haven’t experienced before and a lot of that is down to Robin. I think we were a genuine team. He was injured for two months and fought so hard to come back – the way he led the team was fantastic.
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Robin van Persie and his adorable daughter Dina Layla. (x)

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